Insolvency – firms in difficulty

The way the markets have developed has significantly affected the life cycle of companies which may encounter financial difficulties or which themselves have to deal with the financial problems of their own customers or suppliers.

Cabinet JFA Souillac & Associés can provide strategic support and offer the right kind of solutions. Thanks to our knowledge of the legal provisions and the stakeholders in this sector, we can defend your interests in any insolvency proceedings involving your business.

Alongside your company, its directors or its shareholders, we operate both preventively – voluntary arrangements, conciliation – and as part of insolvency proceedings – safeguard procedures, receivership and liquidation.

In practice:

  • Negotiations with judicial officers on behalf of firms in difficulty
  • Negotiation and assistance for the takeover of firms in difficulty (audits, takeover offer, equity investment, disposal plan, etc.)
  • Collective litigation procedures: admission of debt, liability of corporate officers, etc.